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Automatic feeding line for SERVO blanking lines.

Suitable for processing STEEL and ALUMINIUM coils. For coils max. weight 30 tons, max. width 2150 mm, thicknesses between 0,5 and 3 mm and feeding speed up to 200 m/min.

The line includes:

  • Double coil preparation station in masked time
  • Software and devices for automatic set up to work steel or aluminium
  • 6 HI leveler with interchangeable cassette for steel and aluminium
  • Automatic leveler cassette change device
  • Automatic leveler roll cleaning device
  • Loop optimization software
  • Optical sensor for step control
  • Double separate feeder for steel and aluminium
  • Microfeeder


“Eco compact” embossing line for automatic cutting and stacking of aluminium blanks.

This compact embossing and longitudinal cutting line is suitable for the production of rectangular and trapezoidal aluminium blanks.  Even though it does not boast a very high hourly production, it is able to satisfy the requirements of most customers on the basis of low investment and reduced base footprint.

  • Strip width from 200 to 1200 mm
  • Strip thickness from 0,15 to 1 mm
  • Hourly production up to 40 blanks per minute


Automatic embossing and longitudinal cutting line for the production of aluminium, steel and stainless-steel blanks

The line is able to produce both rectangular and trapezoidal blanks, both flat and embossed and to stack them automatically. Embossing pattern to customer design. Thanks to the double spindle decoiler and the coil car, the coil preparation and changing operations are performed in masked time.

  • Strip width from 200 to 1400 mm
  • Strip thickness from 0,2 to 1,5 mm
  • Hourly production up to 60 blanks per minute


High speed line with loop for aluminium thickness up to 18 mm

  • Max. strip width 300 mm
  • Max. strip thickness 18 mm
  • Decoiling speed 50 mt/min
  • Max. decoiler capacity 10 tons


High speed feeding line for blanking line for aluminium and aluminium alloys

The line is equipped with everything needed to process aluminium or lubricated strips. Dedicated software manages the type change, the strip end cycle and the strip head introduction in a fully automatic manner and considerably shorter time.

  • Strip width from 200 to 2050 mm
  • Strip thicknesses from 0,6 to 4 mm
  • Speed up to 160 mt/min
  • Max. coil weight 25 tons
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